Includes all pellets
& targets


£180/year (Sept-Aug)
New members joining mid-year will be pro-rata


U-18 OR U-21 in Full-Time Education

Novice Members

A novice takes aim with a benchrest smallbore rifle
Indoor Benchrest with a smallbore rifle.

On joining the club, novices undergo a four-week induction course. This introduces safe firearms handling; principles of marksmanship and all the disciplines offered by the club.

The course fee covers pellets, insurance and use of club equipment. Rimfire ammunition is charged additionally (~£5 per box of 50).

Following the initial course, participants are invited to sign up to another 10 weeks of instruction in their preferred discipline(s).

Under the terms of our Home Office Approval, new members serve 6 months as Probationary Members, after which their application will be reviewed by the Committee for approval as Full Members. Applications are also submitted to Staffordshire Police Firearms Licensing for approval.

Contact Us today to arrange your first visit! Please note you will not shoot on your first visit.

Joining from another club

Moving to Rugeley from another club is straightforward, please contact us to arrange your first visit and have a look around. We will require a reference from the Secretary of your current club. There is no joining fee, membership will be charged pro-rata for the remainder of the year (Year End 31st August).

Find Us

Rugeley Rifle Club
Wharf Road
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Age Restrictions?

Shooting is a sport for all, with shooters of all ages and genders competing on equal footing. Whilst there are age restrictions on the ownership of firearms, we have no firm age restrictions on membership of the club or shooting with club firearms under supervision. Suitability comes down to emotional maturity and the physical ability to safely handle the firearms in question. We find that around 9 is the earliest age juniors can safely shoot. There is no upper age limit, though many older shooters migrate towards supported disciplines such as Benchrest later in their careers as physical demands dictate.

Do I need a Firearm Certificate to join?

No. Although it’s always nice to have your own kit, RRC has club guns available for the use of all members whilst at the club. You can also store any unused ammunition at the club until your next visit.

How do I get ammunition?

We have a range of rimfire ammunition available for sale as well as air pellets. If you do not have a Firearm Certificate you can also store your ammunition at the club.

What costs are there on top of the Membership fee?

Rugeley does not charge range fees on a per-visit basis, so once you’re paid up you can shoot as often as you like! Club firearms are free for members to use – just buy targets and ammo. Ammunition costs will vary depending on the grade you wish to buy and how much you shoot. Prices are subject to change but as a guide, a box of 50 rimfire rounds costs from £4-8. Tins of 500 air pellets are ~£6 each.
If you wish to enter competitions there will be a fee to cover entries, which normally range from £5-12 per competition per season.

Do I have to compete or meet a certain standard?

The only standards we have are safety. Members must behave and shoot in a safe and competent manner, which we will teach you as required. Membership of the club is not reliant on competing in matches or being selected for teams. Our membership ranges from GB athletes to non-competitive shooters who participate purely for the enjoyment of it. Most people do end up competing at some level – if only for the social aspect of internal club competitions or in “postal competitions” where cards are shot at the club and posted to central scorers without shooters having to travel to other ranges.

When is the club open?

Please see the opening hours on the About Us page. If you are coming for a first visit, please do drop us an email first so we can ensure that there is someone available to give you the tour, as training nights can be busy for our instructors.

Field Target Air Rifle

Unfortunately we do not have the space to set out interesting or challenging Field Target courses on our outdoor ranges. Those interested in FT should consider Penkridge Air Rifle Club (ST19 5RE), Far Coley FTC near Stafford (ST18 0XB) or Millride FTC near Wolverhampton (WV11 2AZ). Please contact the MFTA for more information.