Reopening with COVID-19

Rugeley Rifle Club Crest

25th March 2021

From Monday 29th March we will re-open for outdoor 50m shooting (for members approved for outdoor shooting) at the following times:

Evenings 5pm-9pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
Mornings 10am-2pm: Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday

As before, slots must be booked with the Secretary, at latest by the previous day. Social distancing and wearing of PPE is essential as is washing/sanitising hands and the disinfecting of shared equipment.
We will have five 50m firing points available with floodlighting of targets for use in the evenings.
Members who haven’t been for a while will notice many improvements to the facilities at the club.

All being well, we anticipate indoor shooting will continue from 12th April assuming there are no major changes to the Government’s current roadmap.

4th January 2021

Per National Lockdown v3, the club is closed until further notice.

2nd December 2020

We are pleased to confirm that with Staffordshire in Tier 3, the club is now open again for pre-booked shooting outdoors, subject to the precautions in place prior to lockdown.

Per the government and NSRA guidelines, we are happy to confirm that pre-booked indoor shooting may restart. Firers must avoid mixing with people they do not live (or share a support bubble) with. In practical terms this means:
* Individual shooting only, with one firer per range (unless from the same household). This will limit capacity.
* No groups or squads
* No coaching or training (unless by someone from the same household or bubble)
* No introducing of new members

1st November 2020

Per National Lockdown, the club will be closed from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December.

25th September 2020

Following continuation of restrictions, the committee can confirm the Club will remain open for pre-booked shooting following the guidance in the latest NSRA briefing.

  1. We will not be accepting new members just yet. We will continue to take details from interested newcomers and when possible will implement a newcomer booking system.
  2. Probationary members have been contacted and their end dates extended to reflect the time lost due to the shutdown. They may now book a shooting slot.
  3. Members are reminded to follow government guidelines regarding shielding. Members who wish to shoot are required to pre-book a slot in advance. Places are limited and may have a few weeks lead time. They are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If we are unable to open for any session, we will endeavour to contact the booker of each slot.
  4. If you (or any member of your household) feel unwell you must not attend. If you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 you must stay away for at least 21 days from first showing symptoms and a minimum of 7 days after symptoms have stopped or until you test negative with a government-issued test.
  5. If you come into contact with somebody who has Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms, or you are contacted by the government Track-and-Trace, you must stay away for 21 days even if you don’t show symptoms unless you later test negative with a government-issued test.
  6. If you suspect you have Covid-19 or have been in contact with somebody who has Covid-19, and you have since attended the club in the last 21 days, you must inform the club secretary. Any future bookings you have will be cancelled in line with the above points.
  7. If you live in an area that goes into local lockdown you must stay away until the local restrictions are lifted. If you work (or have spent a significant amount of time) in an area that goes into local lockdown but you are not personally locked down due to living outside the lockdown area, you must stay away from the club for 21 days from the last time you were in the high risk area. If you travel outside of the UK, then you must stay away for 21 days from returning to the UK. If Rugeley goes into local lockdown, or England goes back into full lockdown, all bookings are cancelled without notice.
  8. Wearing face coverings is strongly recommended in all club areas except when shooting. Any member who does not wish to wear a face covering due to breathing difficulties or anxiety should consider wearing a full-face visor. You are responsible for providing your own clean PPE. Please do not dispose of used PPE in the range bins. Remember this virus can be deadly and wearing a face covering helps to protect your fellow members.
  9. Until further notice, members must not bring family friends and guests etc. Where a parent or guardian needs to chaperone a junior, provision will be made. Otherwise we ask that non-shooters await outside the club in their car etc.
  10. Members must leave the building before the end of their slot time once they have finished shooting and have cleaned down in order to avoid overcrowding the clubroom.
  11. There will no socialising in the clubroom until further notice.
  12. Numbers will be limited to 4 on the 25m range, 3 on the 100yd range, 2 on the 10m electronic air range and 2 in the 10/50 range (either using 6yd/10m air or 50m .22 range). You may only use the range you have been allocated for the evening. Please note the 10m Electronic target range is only available to airgun shooters who have attained a level of competence to be able to hit the target area every time. This is to protect the target mechanisms.
  13. To avoid overcrowding in the clubroom, up to 3 members may use the designated tables to make up/take down their guns before and after shooting. Members using the 100yd range should use the tables provided outside. Members using the Air ranges should prepare in those ranges.
  14. You must provide your own ear defenders and eye protection. The club may have a small quantity for sale, but this is not guaranteed.
  15. We are running an “If you touch it, you clean it” policy. This means if use the toilet, you clean it after use. You must clean your allocated firing point before and after use with the provided disinfectant sprays and blue tissue roll.
  16. Only the RCO will be allowed to access the armoury to retrieve Club firearms and to wipe down before and after use. Particular attention will be made to the areas where face and hands touch. More established regular attending members will have a club gun allocated and marked for their sole use. Please take care with cleaning the spotting scopes.
  17. We ask all prone shooters to provide their own mats, shooting jackets and gloves where possible. For those who require the use of club mats they will be cleaned before your use and you must clean down after use.
  18. If you require a club glove, then you must wear a clean nitrile / vinyl glove underneath.
  19. You may be allocated your own club jacket if the numbers allow it and which you can take home after each session. Other jackets are to be placed in a polythene jacket bag and written on with your name and date of use.
  20. If you would like to purchase any of these items through the club, please speak to a committee member and we will investigate it.
  21. Members must take all their equipment home at the end of each evening (except those with firearms in hired lockers).
  22. Members must not wear work clothes, or any other items that they have worn to work.
  23. The door to the 25yd indoor range must be kept closed during shooting to ensure adequate air flow over firers heads.
  24. Doors to the air ranges must be kept open when shooting and the extractor fans switched on to maintain a healthy air flow down the range.
  25. The buddy-buddy system for shooting outside the official sessions may only be used if the ‘RCO Buddy’ has been briefed by the secretary on the duties required to adhere to the risk assessments. You must still book your session with the secretary to avoid double bookings.

1st August 2020

Following the latest easing of restrictions, the committee can confirm the Club will open for pre-booked shooting from Wednesday 5th August 2020, including the 25yd indoor range and 10m air range.

Members can download the risk assessment and booking sheets, which were also distributed by email.

At this time we are not accepting new members due to the difficulties of instructing whilst social-distancing and risks associated with shared equipment. Existing Probationary Members should have been contacted individually regarding visiting the club and use of club equipment.